Prospect Group Family Day Care Inc. - Early Childhood Development
Prospect academy is an offshoot or prospect heights daycare- where our daughter went for several years. She had a terrific experience there and was overprepared for Pre-K. It’s a montessori based school. As I remember it-
8:00-8:30 home cooked breakast- (eggs, french toast, pancakes, fruit etc
8:30-9:00 a little bit of free play
9:00 color, numbers, reading, etc- some kind of teacher centered activity

10:00 center time etc etc- broken down like that but very focused.
The two sisters who ran it parted ways and one of those sisters, Stacy, has started it back up. She is very loving and fun.
I am actually writing because my son has been going to Prospect Academy Family Daycare since June and I have found it to be such a great place for for us. The atmosphere is patient, warm and caring and my son now goes running in each morning to join the other children and teachers in circle time, gives me a kiss and waves bye-bye. The kids are given an organic home-cooked breakfast and lunch each day, take a nap and have both structured and open indoor and outdoor play(weather permitting). Since starting at PAFDC, my son’s language and motor skills and sense of independence have blossomed, not to mention that he is now open to eating a greater variety of foods. These could be coincidental to his age and stage in development, but I can not help but think it is in part due to Stacey, her mom, Faye, and Zoraida at PAFDC.
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